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Email: In response to my Star Wars movie critic

Master Malstrom,

I’m happy my email was so great that I got a rise out of an enraged Star Wars fanboy that felt compelled to write dismissing all of my criticisms out of his desperate desire for Episode VII to be good so people can continue peddling the anti-Lucas haterade. Mind you, Lucas has many, many faults, but he at least tried something new with the prequels (and, like Nintendo, mostly missed why people liked the original trilogy in the first place).

Anyway, here’s a short form response to his criticisms of my criticisms:

* I’m okay with Kylo Ren being whiny, but his form of whininess removed any and all sort of threat he had to our heroes. If you’re going to make a villain a brat, you crank it up to 15 on a scale of 10, not an 8. Make him immature to the point where having the power he does is dangerous because he DOESN’T know how to wield it.

* Rey and Finn were very flat character-development wise. I understand there will be sequels that will better flesh them out, but as is, they had no stage presence that demanded my attention and respect. While I don’t think Rey is as Mary Sue-ish as some people think, I do think that she gained her powers way too fast as is.

* My critic says all the prequel films are unspeakably awful, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. They were all definitely not as good as the original trilogy, but to say there was nothing redeeming about them is false. There were many parts of the prequel trilogy I liked (like the POD racing and Darth Maul fight in Episode I, the final fight between Anakin and Obi-Wan in Episode 3, the musical scores, and more), and I feel the people who completely dismiss the prequel trilogy as nothing but garbage are angry because (A) they set their expectations way too high, and Lucas let them (and many others with lower expectations) down, (B) they wanted something grittier and dark, and Lucas wanted to do something more children-friendly, and (C) it’s easier to blanket label all the prequel films as absolute garbage than to actually take the time and see the pros and cons in each individual film (example: The Yoda fight in Episode II was great, but what the heck was Lucas thinking when he wrote that romance dialogue?). If Lucas truly did as much damage to the series with the prequel trilogy as he claims it did, Episode VII wouldn’t have the box office numbers it has now. People are acting like the Prequel trilogy killed Star Wars, but Lucas just didn’t want to make any more films.

Also, he complains about the overuse of CGI, but Episode VII had its fair share of CG overuse, too, not to mention Abrams’ love of lens flare.

* Yes, Star Wars has always been a commercialized product, but releasing a film every single year until 2019 or so will kill the franchise eventually, just like doing so killed Call of Duty. Did anyone actually ask for a film about young Han Solo? There’s very little benefit to making it (are we going to get any actual greater insights into his character from this), and tons of potential drawback if they screw it up and retroactively harm the original trilogy like Metroid: Other M harmed Samus’ character. Rogue One sounds “meh” to me, but at least it doesn’t have the potential to do great damage like the Solo film does).

Star Wars Episode 7 is definitely not the Wii, since the Wii was actually fresh and innovative. It’s definitely the Wii U, which seeks to exploit the success of its predecessor by copying the superficial aspects of it without any of the soul or real reasons it was successful.

Anyway, so this email isn’t just about me refuting his criticisms, I’m happy to see you have The World Ends With You on your upcoming play list. I loved it a ton, but I also found the whole Japanese culture aspect of it interesting (it being set in Shibuya and all). I know you don’t like a ton of Japanese culture stuff in your video games, so I hope you post your impressions of it so I can see how much our opinions end up diverging.

P.S: I completely understand if you don’t end up posting this email, since you probably don’t want an internet email fight going on over your blog.


OK, no more Star Wars emails please. I’ll find something else to rile you guys up.




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