Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 26, 2016

Everyone needs to quit Social Media

Total Biscuit is quitting social media. Ooohhhoooohhhh.

You know what ‘Social Media’ is? It is people too stupid to know how to code. That’s it. That’s all it is.

Social Media is someone else’s platform. They can censor your speech. They can OWN your speech. It’s not unlike having your editorial published in a newspaper.

Social Media is the ‘consolization’ of the Internet. You have Facebook Console, Twitter Console, Instagram Console, and the ‘normal Internet’ is the glorious PC Master Race. Stop playing around on their platforms. Your cat photos deserve better.

“Aren’t you on WordPress, Malstrom?”

I’m lazy, and this site is a silly gaming site. My significant time would never be devoted to this site. It is also how it has been able to be maintained for so long because I’m doing it with my little finger.



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