Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 28, 2016

NX to come out in 2016

Macronix, a company that makes the memory for DS/3DS carts, says a key customer is planning their next generation platform. This points to the NX coming out this year. At least, the handheld part of NX coming out this year.

Oh please, please, please go cartridges Nintendo. Nintendo already goes cartridges for their handhelds, so having games go cross platform wouldn’t be too difficult a feat to understand with those same cartridges being able to go into a home console. The handheld hardware and home console hardware are actually not too separate anymore thanks to the smartphone revolution. The costs in flash memory and the hardware for handhelds have gone way down.

Right now, what is Malstrom doing? I am collecting carts. The retro carts are amazing things not just for their durability, but how we can stick them in multiple devices. Oh yes.

Take the Super Nintendo. (Audience cheers.) I can place any SNES game into it, and it plays. With the Super Gameboy, I could put in Gameboy games on my Super Nintendo. There are now third party hardware where you can play Genesis games on your Super Nintendo as well as Gameboy Advance games. You can also buy a Supaboy, which is like a portable SNES handheld that plays those same SNES cartridges.

Anyone who has been participating in the retro scene lately will realize that everything revolves around the cartridges. All the other hardware can amplify those cartridges in various ways.

Would Nintendo move in such a direction? I doubt it. NX is going to heavily leverage DeMa because why else would Nintendo partner with them? I expect much more digital.

Although I would love to see the complete abolition of optical media. Cartridges! This will differentiate Nintendo from Sony and Microsoft in so many ways.

Fuck Amiibos. I’d just buy cartridge after cartridge if Nintendo does what I describe: a system where the cartridge can run on different types of hardware (home console/handheld/?????). Nintendo would make a fortune.

However, Nintendo does not seem interested in winning lately. Therefore, expect more Wacky 3d and a bizarre revival of the Virtual Boy. Miyamoto will want to try out the Virtual Reality thing again before he retires.

Above: NX LEAKED! Here it is! Complete with shown gameplay! Oh, weep, gamers! Weep for the future! Weep for us all!!!!



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