Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 23, 2016

Email: A interesting SFV point of view

I’ll not buy the game for the same reason:

Appears that industry is working just in mobile for “casuals”.

Console and PC are focusing on e-sports.


The anger in the video matches mine about this ‘industry’. It is also what the DS/Wii tapped into in its anti-industry type approach.

The ‘Console and PC’ are focusing on E-Sports is an interesting observation. Instead of intellectually understanding the market ramifications of Generation 7, the dunces have adopted the cardboard thin philosophy of HARDCORE Vs. CASUAL (derp derp derp).

This thinking, left alone, has now mutated into bi-polar developments of E-SPORTS Vs. MOBILE (derp derp derp).

Remember when Starcraft multiplayer was fun? But since Blizzard focused on the almighty E-Sports, Starcraft 2 multiplayer became dumb and anti-fun. When I hear Blizzard say they want Heroes of the Storm to become ‘zomg E-Sports’, I know the future of that game will become like Starcraft 2 (Starcraft 2 was fun at first…). Dustin Browder, who gamers keep defending for some reason, was the lead guy behind Starcraft 2’s implosion and now seems to be leading Heroes of the Storm into the abyss of stupidity. (Heroes of the Storm has been out for a YEAR and yet they haven’t even started their first season! No clan support. No editor support. Total and complete fail on so many levels.)

Everyone agrees that Street Fighter 2 was the watershed game that transformed the fighting genre. But if you look to the early games, you see why. Street Fighter 2 had MUCH BETTER controls, beautiful character models, imaginative attacks (“Hadowken!”), and appealed to the masses by succeeding in the arcade.

Arcades = Casual Games

Street Fighter 2 was always a ‘casual experience’. Trying to turn Street Fighter 5 into an ‘E-Sport’….

My goodness, these game companies are soooo greedy, they just see more revenue. They no longer want to make games. First, they tried to turn single player games into cinematic movies. That didn’t work. So now they are trying to turn multiplayer games into international sports. What fools these companies be!



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