Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 23, 2016

Email: GoG is what Steam should have ever been…

… but as failed to being.

Hi Master M.,

I just discovered the GoG Galaxy optional client. To be short, it does
everything the Steam client does, and maybe more, but without taking
away any control over your games from you !

Plus mostly everything it brings is optional ! You do not care about
achievements ? Disable them ! As simple as that !

You want to keep the DRM-free installer ? That’s OK, just do it !

It enhances your experience as the gamer, but also as the OWNER of the
game ! At last, at LONG last a company that puts the customer at the
center instead of making him prisoner to milk him again and again
inside a closed platform (Hello Google, Valve, Facebook, Apple and so

The only improvement I’d see would be to release it as open-source so
one could check their allegations about privacy are true. But, hey,
they already support Linux for some Windows games. Linux people such
as me have no better option for gaming today (and boy ! What an option

Thanks for reading these useless lines. I needed to shout my joy to
someone who would understand.


I really like it. It’d be nice if other companies would approach it the same (they won’t).



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