Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 23, 2016

Nintendo has NO excuse for software droughts

Here is why there should be no software droughts.



And the Gamecube + Wii + Wii U + Gameboy + Gameboy Color + Gameboy Advanced + DS + 3DS games.

Nintendo has the largest collection of games to release.

“But Malstrom, those are OLD games! There is no precedent for pushing a new console with OLD games.”


There are three precedents. Three.

One, backwards compatibility. Why does backwards compatibility matter if OLD GAMES NO LONGER MATTER???

Two, there are remakes which everyone seems to be doing. They are cheap, and they sell.

Third, the Wii made liberal use of Virtual Console games which greatly helped ease the early days of the system. The NES also made liberal use of older games. Remember Donkey Kong Classics for the NES? How about the classic Mario Brothers? These were games released a GENERATION ago. Yet, they filled in the early gaps for the NES/Famicom launch. Everyone seems to have forgotten about those games.

If we have a TRUE account system, people are going to be buying these classic games like crack. Nintendo will make money. Gamers will be happy.

Why Nintendo will not do this sensible thing

Iwata told the story how a friend of his bought a Wii and bought nothing but VC games. He viewed this as a problem. The VC games were competing against the retail games. Third parties do not like this. Nintendo doesn’t like this. This is why VC games have become much more scarce and why they are doled out only when Nintendo wants you to play such a game or because of a marketing event.

Also, these older games lead newer gamers into the retro scene which is what the game industry doesn’t want. They do not want to compete against the quality of the classics. They do not want to compete against Super Mario World or Super Metroid or Ocarina of Time. I say: if you cannot make a better game than decades old games, then you should not be a game developer in the first place.

Nintendo could also use the classic games as a way to demonstrate their Account System. It makes too much sense to do. Third parties will cry and moan but the Wii retail software wasn’t hurt by the Virtual Console. Wii sales were most likely helped by the VC games.

Classic games being available means I know I am guaranteed to have fun with my new Nintendo console (there is always a chance the launch games suck).

Another reason Nintendo won’t do this sensible thing is because it shows fun gameplay is possible without their latest gimmick. Horrors!



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