Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 26, 2016

No, the new Master of Orion game will still be a disaster

The game is very pretty (should be since Master of Orion came out 25 years ago!) and has fun voice acting, but the gameplay is based on non-MOO fundamentals.

Two things kill the game which cannot be patched away.

-Space Lanes

What is the point of a space game if you have ‘lanes’? Any idiot can make a ‘space lane’ game. Even I could do that. Without the lanes, you have to suddenly be good with the AI.

-Real Time Combat

This is to hide how crappy their combat actually is. MOO has tactical combat which is turn based. SimTex, the company responsible for Master of Orion and Master of Magic, was heavily influenced by board games. 1830, another Simtex game, was a port of that 1830 board game.

The reason why MOO 3 was such a disaster is that Quicksilver (?), the guys who made the ‘guides’ to various games, thought they were geniuses and hot stuff. Yet, they didn’t understand how MOO truly worked. I don’t care if this developer made World of Tanks. Just by using space lanes and real time combat, they are telling us they have absolutely no idea how Master of Orion works. It would be like EA making a 2d Mario game and making beautiful graphics and various new power-ups but screwing up on the jump physics. You screw up the jump physics, you screw everything up.

Why these guys are messing with the core gameplay really tells me they don’t know what they are doing. EA is rolling out their marketing juggernaut, but MOO fans are older and wiser. They won’t be suckered into the hype. They will wait. The hype will evaporate and New MOO will be shown as the vapid game it actually is.

Now excuse me, I am going to play MOO 1.



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