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Texas Independence Day

Is it the second? Well then, it is Texas Independence Day!

Here are points you never hear about the great old ‘Texian story’:


1. Mexico was considered another United States back then. It was actually called “The United Mexican States“.

Above: Click the above picture and you will see that it was actually called ‘United Mexican States’. United Mexican States is the sister country to the United States. However, it failed to military coup and became *Mexico*.

Today, ‘Mexico’ refers mostly to a plot of land which has had various governments and revolutions. But back then, Mexico was like the United States. The United Mexican States had won independence from Spain and had its own constitution. Most of the settlers to Texas were Americans who were unhappy being American (such as the Indian Removal Act) or something else.

2. Texas wasn’t the only state from United Mexican States to declare Independence

Independence didn’t occur due to demographics of ‘white males’. Independence occurred due to a military takeover of the government. Santa Anna dissolved the Constitution of the country. In the US’s Federalist papers, the founders warned about a military coup. This occurred, sadly, in the United Mexican States. As territories rebelled, they were quickly crushed underneath Santa Anna’s heel. The Republic of the Yucatan declared independence and was its own country until eventually getting crushed by Santa Anna.

3. Texas Revolution had more to do with religion than almost anything else

Texians were Protestants ruled by Catholic Mexico who demanded forced payments to the Church. This did not go over well. There is much space in the Declaration of Independence from Childress about the religious woes. The former Americans were used to the First Amendment guaranteeing freedom of religion.

4. Texas won its independence because Santa Anna was really, really stupid

Texas lost every battle. It lost in Goliad. It lost at the Alamo. Texians lost everywhere. Santa Anna, ever so confident, decided to go with a scouting party and was captured at the only victory the Texians had: San Jacinto. It was a battle where the Mexicans were asleep and drunk and the battle took half an hour. Santa Anna was captured and let go on the condition that Texas become independent. Imagine if George Washington lost every battle but captured King George III, and you’ve got the ‘great’ and ‘glorious’ Texas Revolution. Truth is, Texas never won decisively through the military. The battle of the Alamo is more like the battle of Thermopylae by the Spartans against a horde of Persians. There was no stopping the might of the Mexican army.

5. Texas started the Civil War

Mexico, formerly the United Mexican States, refused Santa Anna’s agreement for being let go that Texas become independent. Texas was constantly attacked. The author of the Texas Declaration of Independence, Childress, was the brother of the First Lady to President Polk who brought Texas into the Union. This sparked the Mexican War where the Civil War generals were lieutenants. The United States, after victory over Mexico, would give Mexico gold as compensation. Texas being a slave state, being brought into the Union, set off a chain reaction resulting in the Civil War.

6. Sam Houston was hated and despised by the Texian Founders

The Texian ‘founders’ tried to kill Sam Houston, one tried with an axe. Many of the Texian ‘founders’ would commit suicide. One decided to go to south Texas and establish his own country of the Republic of the Rio Grande. It didn’t last long.



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