Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 2, 2016

The proposed changing to ERISA

When the legal future changes, the financial future also changes. This is a major issue with ERISA: the Employment Retirement Insurance Security Act of 1974. The document is here.

It is correct that people lack knowledge in how to invest. So why not teach that knowledge? That is why schools exist, right? We use money our entire lives. Why is there not more time spent on teaching about money?

Do you know why, dear reader? I will tell you why.

Schools exist to create employees, not investors or businessmen. They also do not want you to have that knowledge of money because then you cannot be controlled by a company or someone else. Imagine people working at companies they want instead of companies they have to in order to pay the bills. Imagine people retiring when they want and how they want. Imagine being financially free.

They don’t want you to have that at all.



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