Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 4, 2016

Anoumas wife only Likes Twilight Princess?

What a weird story.

I greatly enjoyed Twilight Princess with an exception. The exception is that the game needed better editing. There are parts that are terrible in the game specifically the first third of the game and STUPID puzzles like the one right before the Master Sword with the jumping statues.

Twilight Princess performed well in the West but terribly in Japan. Why Aonuma’s wife likes it, I have no idea. I am more disturbed though how Zelda games have been planned by what Aonuma’s son likes. If his son likes trains, then we get Zelda trains. If he likes to start flying, we get Zelda flying. Completely unprofessional and Aonuma should have been sacked long ago.

Zelda is a RPG and a fantasy. Zelda is NOT a manga game for the Otaku and Zelda is NOT a puzzle game like a PC adventure game. Aonuma was never the correct choice to make Zelda games.

Zelda used to be cool and mainstream. Zelda should be doing Skyrim sales. Zelda has become Otaku-ized. The people who like Zelda are those who have Triforce tattoos. Completely weird and disturbing.



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