Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 4, 2016

Email: 10 thoughts about Nintendo Direct

The title says it all ;)

1. Star Fox Zero looks fun but it also looks like they don’t care. I don’t know what it is. The stale graphic style? the uninspired content? the stupid cooperative mode?

2. Oh so now Project Guard will be a Star Fox spin-off, huh? and they are giving it free every SFZ copy…wait a minute? it’s a full game disc?! that thing that looks like a cellphone game?! are they nuts?!

3. I am happy to know more about Dragon Quest 7 being localized…although with so goddamn many RPG’s announced I am starting to feel fed up with the genre.

4. Mario and sonic games look fun but i don’t care. Never bought one and I doubt I’ll ever will.

5. That SMT and FE game looks fucking stupid! “the trills of RPG with the sensation of being on stage”. whaaaaaaaat? Not only Nintendo’s fixation with Fire Emblem is getting high levels of absurd but this game takes the cake on “supermega otaku game that nobody cares”.

6. I have only played one Paper Mario game and I feel that’s enough for me. Star sticker, the Mario and Luigi crossover and now this one…why? that’s already too many.

7. Oh cool! SNES Virtual console games on 3D…oh NEW 3DS?….yeah as much as I love them, I am not going to spend more money in a handheld for that. Sorry Nintendo. There’s no reason to not have them on regular 3DS, come on!

8. Another Monster hunter game being localized. Ok. It seems that they are doing good enough in here. And they will have costumes based on OH MY GOD!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS NINTENDO’S OBSESSION WITH FIRE EMBLEM!!!??? JESUS!

9. ”Last time we released a trailer for a new “Metroid” game and you hated it so now we have the producer to explain you about it”. Translation: “You fucking otakus!!! how dare you not like our game?! now we have to explain you about it so you idiots like it”. Fuck. YOU. Nintendo. The gameplay looks mediocre. The story and the art style are ridiculous. It looks like a Disney X D cartoon. Have these idiots haven’t learned anything from Metroid Mommy’s fiasco?! This game is gonna bomb. And deservedly so.

10. oh look more Kirby games and new Kirby amiibos….does Nintendo knows that they have other BETTER characters than Kirby and Fire Emblem? seriously?!

So, another Direct came and went. And more dissapointments than excitement.

I remember when the wii was announced how excited and full of hope I had for Nintendo. I haven’t felt this way about them in 6 years. I hate to admit but I don’t trust them anymore.

Take care!


I’m waiting for the NX. Gamecube and Gameboy Advance had crap for it released before DS and Wii.




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