Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 10, 2016

Email: hey wii u has cool features that would make it awesome when its dropped to $100 like wii mini

You forgot to give Nintendo credit for Wii u, being the only current console you can press a button and boot straight into game without going to main console menu. Awesome feature competitors are missing.

I’d be more impressed if the SOFTWARE stopped having all those stupid warning screens and company logo screens. I don’t care that your company logo screen does tricks and animations. That doesn’t matter.

Games should immediately boot straight to title screen except for intros. No… not even for intros. Intros should be like the ‘attract screen’ you’d find at arcades. If it sits a while, it goes to attract mode.

I think even the start-ups of Mega Man 2, Super Mario World, Super Mario Brothers 3, is too long. I want it to be as fast as Life Force, Contra, or the early arcade NES games. Just BOOM. There’s the title screen.

Why did we start putting in these stupid logos anyway? And warning signs should be on the game box or manual. Or I should be able to click on something to disable them.



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