Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 10, 2016

Email: Microsoft dropping out?

First when I read this I thought it has to be just a rumor, beacue of how unreal it seems.

The article basically says that Microsoft is going to unify their PC and xbox platforms ending fixed hardware cycles. This is astronomical.

My guess is that since MS doesn’t own the PC platform, this has to mean either some kind of steam box or some kind of online console like steam from Microsoft. Either way this is them dropping out of traditional console hardware in a different way. It has to be, or I’m missing something.

Could this be the beginning of a 1v1 console market between Nintendo and Sony, like how the 16-bit generation used to be?


Longtime reader.


Back in 2007, I thought that Microsoft would shift their focus away from Xbox gaming to PC gaming in order to save Windows. I honestly thought this move would come sooner.

Xbox is not and has never been a game console. Xbox is a dumbed down PC. At least Microsoft now admits the Xbox is a dumbed down PC rig.

What is a game console? Integrated hardware and software. Microsoft is rapidly moving to ununifying software and hardware as much as possible.

Perhaps Sony will soon do something similar?



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