Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 10, 2016

Email: Trump and the Wii

Without going too much into politics, have you noticed how the media are treating Trump the same way gaming media treated the Wii? Trump is losing ground! So and so won a single state, so now Trump is in trouble! All that stuff. Reminds you of when gaming journalists kept talking about how a PS3/Xbox 360 turnaround was inevitable at any moment, and how the PS3 was “catching up” because the Wii outsold it by a lesser amount in a certain month, huh?

It amazes me how, regardless of the subject, journalists continue to act as advocates and not reporters. It must piss them off to no end knowing that the “unwashed, stupid masses” can’t be corralled by their transparent advocacy.


Yeah, the panic seems similar.

I don’t think Nintendo realizes that so much appeal of the Wii was that it was an anti-industry console. Many people hate the Game Industry. I think the Wii really began to fall apart with the release of Wii Music in 2008. The ‘Wii’ games had then become just as crappy, and factory-like like the industry games.

People wanted a change in the status quo. PlayStation 3’s $599 US dollars and Xbox 360 nonsense wasn’t a fun future. “Remember when games used to be fun?” said one columnist who tried out a Wii (hardcore went crazy over that).

Wii made gaming fun again. It really does surprise me to say that gaming isn’t fun anymore. Many games are like work. I feel like I play games out of duty to friends and crap. You have to get progress and achievements just to get your gaming creds with your friends. There is nothing much fun going on here.

For Generation 8, Nintendo failed because they didn’t understand the DS and Wii’s success. I think they did, and they don’t like it. I contend Nintendo HATED the reasons why the Wii succeeded. The goal was for people to like Wii Sports and NSMB Wii and then move on to Aonuma Zelda, Sakamoto Metroid, and 3D Mario. But this didn’t happen

I love the Virtual Console. If only it was account based. But Nintendo seems hostile to the Virtual Console and is only putting out games on the New 3DS because they have no more games to release for 3DS.

The Wii wasn’t a gaming console, the Wii was a gaming movement. So was the NES. The NES wasn’t a gaming console, it was a gaming movement. Nintendo doesn’t seem to get this. Nintendo wants to a ‘gaming movement to 3d’ or to ‘virtual reality’. Never going to happen!



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