Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 11, 2016

Email: Stupid Logos

Why did we start putting in these stupid logos anyway?

I’ll give you two reasons that I know:

1) With longer loading times from disc-based media, there needs to be something there on screen. I absolutely despised the ridiculous loading times that I encountered way back with the first playstation.Cartridges FTW!

2) Many developers have contractual requirements to show logos in the game for marketing purposes. For example, if you are developing a game that uses the Havok physics engine, the game will probably be required to have the Havok logo displayed for a minimum time during the splash screens. With all of the third party tools and modules used in any decent-sized game these days, plus the various funding sources (publishers), you can see how games become legally required to show a bunch of crap before you get to the title screen.


Nah. I think they didn’t exist in the first place because of the nature of arcade games. People didn’t look for company names with arcade games… not that I can recall. It was the game that mattered.

As gaming became more used to consoles, the developers could make-believe they were movie directors or something. Ooohhhh, here is my longass logo that pops up every time you start up the game. Ooohhhh, be impressed.

I hate it.

Imagine if the TV had to flash its logo every time you turned it on. They don’t do that. Instead, they just print it REALLY BIG right below the screen so you never forget that it is SAMSUNG.

Fuck this world.

Branding works differently with gaming. In the past, we didn’t care if the game was Capcom or Konami. We just cared if it was good. The branding seems to be more of the series like Castlevania game, not Konami game. It’s the IP that is branded, not the development or publisher company.

There is a difference between Nintendo game and Zelda game. All Zelda games are Nintendo games (editor: no, see the phillips console), but not all Nintendo games are Zelda games. Zelda game has a certain brand and standard. Metroid has a certain brand and standard. But Nintendo games can be all over the place. One day, you are playing Wii Sports. Next day, you are playing Wii Music.

I like the Metroid intro. BOOM. Metroid. No swirling logos for Nintendo. Yet, Nintendo put itself on the map without the swirling logos. How did they do this? It is because good games create reputations, not swirling logos.




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