Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 11, 2016

Pat Caddel calls it a paradigm shift

I think this is right on the money:

He argued that the press has fundamentally misunderstood the Trump phenomenon all along, because they think Trump’s personality and celebrity shifted GOP voters’ positions on issues like free trade and immigration, when in truth Trump was tapping into a “free-floating anxiety” about economics, and sense of “political alienation,” which had been building in those voters for years.

“The ‘independent variable’ is the American people who are driving the election, and Donald Trump is the dependent variable,” Caddell declared. “He has been the vehicle closest, for many, many Republicans – despite all of the other problems – substantively, on the issue, and it is economic nationalism.”

He advised other Republican candidates not to shy away from this “economic nationalism” concept, as fully 75 percent of their voters are behind it, and it’s also a major component of Bernie Sanders’ success on the Democrat side.

“Wall Street will freak out. All of the quote ‘better people’ who’ve been sitting in their ivory towers, economists, saying, ‘oh, free trade is good for you,’ whatever… well, the American people have figured out that they’ve been screwed,” Caddell said, noting high levels of support for supposedly unthinkable measures like tariffs, especially when applied to countries that abuse trade agreements, or treat their workers poorly.

“I am telling you, we’re in a new paradigm. This is a revolutionary moment,” he said, describing it as a “historical moment of evolution in our political process” whose outcome could not yet be predicted… especially by politicians and poll-addicted pundits who have misunderstood the Trump-Sanders moment thus far.

If you think what is going on is amazing, just wait. Ever since the 2000 election, people have ideas about what states should be red or blue or whatever. The primary states Hillary Clinton is doing well are ones that she is not going to win in the General Election. Sanders, however, is doing well in states that the Democrats do tend to win in the General Election. But Sanders and Trump share that ‘economic nationalism’ trait. There is going to be tremendous crossover appeal. When you look back at the past elections of half-centuries past, you wonder how an election can have a 45 state landslide. This is how.



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