Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 19, 2016

Email: gop nominee

Dear Master Malstrom,

given how crazy the gop nominee race has been do you think that if trump gets the 1237 delegates necessary to become the nominee that the party would dare use some obscure rule to swipe it out from under neath him? given whats said here I have to wonder. it’s almost like they don’t realize that the people are the party


That’s not going to happen. They will rally around him and try to co-op him if elected. They have to think about the down ballot. Within the GOP, two scares are that 1) the ‘conservative industry’ and other people who do not do much for a living except make 50 tweets a day and a column are going to have their livings gored (think Frank Luntz) and 2) it is undeniable that Trump is a savvy and talented politician and perhaps much better than many imagined. You have to understand something. Many of the political people live their lives in the shadow of higher office. They choose where they live, who they marry, all for future optics. Do not doubt me on this. Many of these guys go to political life to get money or to be able to retire or become a big shot. There is serious envy going on here. For the Democrat side, Trump is an existential threat which is why you’ll see more protests and all as we get closer to the general. Trump may bring about an electoral re-alignment. What that means is that he has tremendous cross over appeal with some of the Democrat electorate, and if he gets to do what he wants regarding the wall and deportation, I don’t see the Democrats benefiting form it at all.

Anyway, this is where I think the moment came when Trump decided to run. Look at how angry he is here. Go to 3:00 where it starts.

Yeah, he’s pissed here. You need about four years to plan and get the organization to run for president.

Anyway, I see both Republican and Democrat primaries as done. I’ll try not to make any more comments on this. Nintendo stuff should be coming out soon.



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