Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 19, 2016

Email: Sony and Microsoft are done

I realize Kotaku is SJW Central, but choke back your bile for a few minutes and take a look at this. In short, Sony might be releasing a “more powerful” PS4.
This combined with Phil Spencer’s comments about being able to upgrade the XBONE has me shaking my damn head. Did these idiots learn nothing from Sega’s example? If upgrading an existing console was a winning proposition from a sales perspective, then the Sega CD and 32X would have been runaway hits. All these morons will accomplish is fracturing their user base, pissing off anyone who bought into their systems, and confusing anyone who isn’t already committed to a side. Not to mention, do they really think this is going to fly in this crappy economy? Constantly buying new parts for your system is the hobby of PC nerds with cash to burn, and only early adopters buy new hardware because it’s there. Nintendo will be the only traditional console manufacturer left if this plan goes forward, as Sony and Microsoft will relegate themselves to PC salesmen in fact as well as appearance.
This is the New 3DS strategy applied to the entire console business.
This is because the PlayStation and Xbox are not consoles. They are dumbed down PCs.
Nothing is new under the sun. Back in Generation 2, console manufacturers would make incremental hardware upgrades. See Atari 5200. Yet, it is all Generation 2. Their ‘upgrades’ will still be part of Generation 8.
I imagine the response of many console gamers is to just go to PC and say screw it. The real question is what will Nintendo do.


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