Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 25, 2016

Emaiil: Screw it, time to go PC

The whole point of the Playstation/Xbox model was that you paid a premium on games in exchange for knowing the games would just work on your system, to get quality first-party games (like Halo, Gran Turismo, etc) and later, to have a controlled online environment where hackers didn’t dominate. Game patches keep getting bigger and bigger, to the point where if you turn on your console after a week of work, you have to spend 20m-1hr downloading patches, and you know what? The games are awful. Many companies have been taken over by SJWs (like Ubisoft and Bioware) and are now releasing boring/broken/frustrating garbage mated to heavy-handed leftist political messages. But hey, at least the graphics look more realistic!

I bought a PS4 near launch. After two and a half years, the only full games I’ve gotten are Killzone 4 (terrible), Dragon Age: Inquisition (terrible), Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (terrible), the Witcher 3 (good because it was made by Eastern Europeans who don’t cater to Western politics), and Battlefield 4 (decent game, but was broken for nearly a full year after release). Tried a bunch of demos for other major releases; they were garbage.

There’s better stuff on GoG and tablets now.

And most of the ‘console’ games are also available on PC anyway.

For console gaming, the only question for me is, “Do I buy this Nintendo console or wait until next generation?” Xbox and PlayStation are invisible to me. The only reason why I think they have any hold on consumers these days is because…

  1. Consumers are too uninformed about PC gaming or think it is expensive to build a PC (“It costs thousands of dollars, Malstrom!” No, it doesn’t.)
  2. Their friends list keeps them pinned to their console.




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