Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 25, 2016

Take this prediction to the bank…

You have to laugh at people falling for the terrible NX fakes. I believe there is a problem with the Internet. We are addicted to information. At first, this information is good. We start the day, we find out the weather, our emails, headline news, and such. But the more time we spend online during that day, the more crap we absorb because we keep devouring information. We are addicted to it. Everyone wants to feel smart. Everyone wants to be informed. But with these fakes and ‘leaks’, you’re better off being uninformed. Just wait for Nintendo’s official announcement.

I will make one prediction that you can take to the bank. If the NX is a home console, I GUARANTEE you that the console will be highlighted and shown. Why? When the Wii U was unveiled, Nintendo put little to no emphasis on the console, only the controller. Everyone thought the Wii U was just a controller. Iwata had to make a tweet showing him holding the console to reveal that, yes, there was new hardware involved. It was a disastrous unveiling.

Nintendo will not make that same mistake. (Instead, Nintendo will make BRAND NEW mistakes. Nintendo is very innovative at finding new ways to make mistakes. That is their charm!)



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