Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 28, 2016

Email: It’s hilarious that people fell for the fakes

It’s true like you said that everyone is addicted to information. But it’s also the fact that 1) people have become increasing gullible (if it’s on the internet, then it’s real!), and 2) journalistic standards have almost completed eroded. There is no journalism anymore. People just report on anything (regardless of whether it can be proven true) and then slap a “rumor” label on it, thinking that makes it ok. Right now, if you simply search for “nintendo” on Youtube and look at the most recent results, you’ll see nothing but “NX controller leaked” and “NX controller faked.” Countless channels are trying to “report” this crap, thinking it makes them journalists. I’m just laughing at the utter absurdity of it all. I can’t believe the crap that is going on around me, and that’s just talking about gaming!

Makes you miss magazines, doesn’t it? It does for me.


You know who wanted that controller ‘leak’ to be true? Nintendo’s competitors of both first and third party party. They want Nintendo to make another Wii U.

To Wii or Wii U, that is the question.

I think fans who imagine a leak to be Virtual Reality times a thousand (like the ON video) have an inverse with those who want Nintendo to fail (many did think that controller ‘leak’ was real).

My big concern of Nintendo is how biased it will be toward Japanese content. Already, Nintendo designs their controls and buttons for Japanese hands and styles. The game content also seems to be going that way with Fire Emblem all the time or Wind Waker graphics all the time.

Back during the glory days of gaming, the East and West had different styles (even different arcade sticks!). Japanese gaming had to do some alterations to make it viable to a Western market. Without it, we wouldn’t have the cool Mario and Zelda (Metroid was mostly Western anyway). Double Dragon was cool because it had a Western makeover.

It’s not that I do not think Nintendo understands how their Japanese bias hurts their games. They know. I fear that they don’t care.



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