Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 28, 2016

Nintendo is making the wrong remakes

Wind Waker? Twilight Princess? No.

Remember this game?

This was a remake, in a way, of the first three Mario games plus including Lost Worlds. They were in 16 bit graphics. Ooohhhhh. Even the reader is impressed.

How about a Zelda All-Stars?


Zelda BS showed us Zelda 1 with 16 bit graphics. How cool would it be in HD PLUS a map editor. Ooooohhhhhh.


Imagine Zelda 2 in HD. Since the game is so basic, a Second Quest could be included with, perhaps, a new weapon or spell.


Link to the Past is awesome. A HD remake could be cool. I can’t think of anything to change except maybe a greater difficulty option. Unlike the first two Zeldas, the LTTP is more complicated and adding new levels wouldn’t be as easy.

Link’s Awakening could use a redo.

Seriously, four of the first Zeldas on one game copy, complete with possible additional second quests, could be very phenomenal. So why hasn’t it been done? The Mario All-Stars one has been re-released and still sells. Why not a Zelda All-Stars?

“Hello. My name is Aonuma. I hate Legend of Zelda. I hate Zelda 2. I only like Link to the Past because you can cut grass. Link’s Awakening I like because I could do crazy stuff that made no sense. Ha. Ha. Ha. I am a genius. Fuck you guys. The only Zelda we will ever promote or remake is MY version of Zelda… the Zelda of puzzles and character stories. This arcade action and RPG stuff has no place in Zelda!”

Oh. Well then.

How about a Metroid All-Stars? Metroid could use some love. Imagine!


Update it to HD. Give us a save game. Give us ways to recharge our health faster than shooting bugs out of pipes. Keep the gameplay. Let people see how awesome this game is.

Oh, the music!


Metroid II could use a remake. Just make it HD, keep everything else the same, and perhaps modify the level design so it is not so linear. Just make sure the remake has no dialogue.


Imagine a Super Metroid HD. Perhaps a new area could be added or some other feature. The game has aged like wine.

Oh, the music!

Perhaps a Metroid All-Stars might even include Fusion and Zero Mission. Five games on one copy!

So why haven’t we had a Metroid All-Stars? Why not have younger generation discover Metroid?

“Hello! I am Sakamoto! Metroid games are about Samus Aran’s feelings now. The old games do not exist and should never be represented ever again.”

Dear Nintendo: please let Retro take care of Metroid All-Stars. I do not trust that Sakamoto!

I would take Metroid All-Stars any day over Federation Force or Other M. Let’s make it happen, gamers!



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