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The Disruption of Newspapers

Here it is. Note how cannibalism is slowing down their demise.

Remember Miyamoto’s quote?

We started work on the Wii around the time the GameCube went on sale in 2001. [Internally, the Wii had the codename “Revolution.”] We started with the idea that we wanted to come up with a unique game interface. The consensus was that power isn’t everything for a console. Too many powerful consoles can’t coexist. It’s like having only ferocious dinosaurs. They might fight and hasten their own extinction.

Now look at this:

Originally, I wanted a machine that would cost $100. My idea was to spend nothing on the console technology so all the money could be spent on improving the interface and software. If we hadn’t used NAND flash memory [to store data such as games and photos] and other pricey parts, we might have succeeded.

To answer your questions, yes, we set out to design a console that would sell for less than 25,000 yen ($211). It was a tall hurdle. But unless you start off with a target, you can’t control costs and you’ll inevitably lose money. Also, we thought a low-cost console would make moms happy.

The Wii flew off shelves because it was $250 and included Wii Sports. Nintendo made a ton of money off the Wii. I hope Nintendo does a similar approach. I can build a kickass PC that has power, but I want a console to not be that expensive. Cheap hardware, with quality interface, will work well.

Now listen to this:

We had to compromise on graphics and give up on a powerful chip. Many of our employees initially wanted high-definition graphics. But they agreed with us that graphics wouldn’t matter if the games weren’t fun to play. That said, the Wii is much faster than the GameCube.

As new chip technology becomes available, we’ll consider less power-hungry varieties that don’t cost too much. And once high-definition TVs take off, we’ll consider the merits of better graphics and more power.

Oh, the bold! Nintendo developers are no different than any other developer. “We want teh HD graphics, derp derp derp.” This is why they do not run the company.

I think the 3DS and Wii U was what the Nintendo developers wanted. They spent EXPENSIVE money on OMG 3d technology. They spent EXPENSIVE money on the Gamepad. Why? Wii and DS were not expensive hardware. DS hardware really came down in prices as screen prices got better as did its technology.

Give me cheap any day. We buy consoles to get to the games, not to get to the hardware.

The NX might allow cheap hardware to be made again. We will see.



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