Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 2, 2016

Generation 9 will soon begin…

It’s coming guys. Generation 9.

Generation 8 started with the launch of 3DS in 2011 which is FIVE YEARS AGO. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, in a few months, will soon be three years old. Generation 9 is upon us.

Listen to the whisper of the markets:

“The market is predicted to grow with the launch of various next-generation consoles. Nintendo is set to launch their next-generation gaming consoles in 2016, which will drive the growth of the market in 2017. Post 2019, Xbox and PS4 are also predicted to launch their next-generation gaming consoles over the next four years,” – Soumya Mutsuddi, one of Technavio’s lead research analysts for gaming.

Note the word ‘next generation’.

Note the plural form of ‘consoles‘. Oooohhhhhh.



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