Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 5, 2016

Email: This ‘generation’ was terrible

Dear Master Malstrom,

With all this talk of the upcoming “next generation” of consoles coming out soon, I ask “when is this gen going to get STARTED?”

Xbox One has done nothing to separate itself from its identity crises with being “not the PS4 or PC” and still not deliver on any of its big games. How do you mess up porting old halo games on your system? What was the point of announcing games to later cancel them like Fable Legends and Phantom Dust? All the Xbox One has being used for is “I get to play games that run worst on my system rather than just paying for the PS4 or PC version.” or “Don’t worry, Microsoft is pretty much abandoning this system to chase after PC users…what’s that? I need Windows 10 to play those games? Never mind.” It feels like the system was a waste of time and money.

Then we get to Nintendo. Who first off gave the system to worst possible name ever, confusing customers thinking it was an extension to the Wii rather than a whole new system. With a giant ugly controller that practically only 3 games use well and with their brilliant negotiations skills killed off all interest from third party leaving the system with one of the biggest software droughts I have witnessed since the GameCube! Who was the Wii-U for? If you were a 3D Mario fan expecting another game of Galaxy’s quality? Too fucking bad have an up-scaled version of the 3DS game instead! 2D mario fan? *laughs* You already know the drill, you get the table scraps with the “New” series despite selling more! Where’s Zelda? Oh right! Its not here yet and most likely come out the same time as the NX launch date! The only saving grace this system actually got itself some good exclusives and free online gaming because everything else is shit. The controller, the online store, how backwards compatibility is handled. I bet Nintendo thanks God ever day Sony screwed up royally with the Vita despite Nintendo themselves messed up with the 3DS’s design in the first place! Again the 3DS getting the games that SHOULD be on the Wii-U but isn’t.

Lastly, Sony. Who thought they were smart to release a handheld that uses custom overpriced SD cards and costs just as much as a PS3 to build, it had disaster written all over it. Then we get to the PS4, where Sony keep reminding us of its awesome sales, but then uses none of that money to actually get itself any exclusives! If I can play those PS4 exclusives on PC, there not exclusive! Again, the main point of buying a system is for exclusive content! I don’t buy consoles just to play buggy AAA third party titles when I can get them for much cheaper on PC to be fixed by free mods! Sony seems more interested in pushing its VR headset, which is over priced and then running off to make a new system rather than give the current owners actual fucking content!

Third party’s are also to blame for why this generation is terrible. Over promising and under delivering is the norm for this industry now! Even the act of selling games uncompleted and demanding MORE MONEY with basically an I.O.U promise (they don’t legally have to finish the product after you bought it) is distressing! I *HATE* this industry standard! I have absolutely no faith any more with the majority of the current industry when it comes to delivering a finished, working product!

So I decided to just stick to PC gaming and re-buying older systems and games. Because I’m tired of this gen and it hasn’t even reached its 4th or 5th year…


Yeah, I get much more satisfaction from buying an older retro system these days than the garbage that is out now. It wasn’t like that in Generation 7.

Iwata would ask you, “Why do you now want to buy our game console?” and then listen to your reply. Today, Nintendo will say, “What is wrong with you?” and insult your tastes and preferences. “You must like Fire Emblem to enjoy our console,” and “Zelda is all about puzzles, what is wrong with you?” and “Stop trying to buy discs, buy digital downloads only!”



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