Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 5, 2016

Tracer pose lives on in Heroes of the Storm

Did you hear about the Tracer ‘butt’ ruckus with Blizzard? Now, you do. The fans are even having fun with it (that link is not safe for work!).

Check out Tracer’s poses with the Specter skin. The blue one is the one they took out of Overwatch, and the other one is quite interesting too. Blizzard is such a large company, but the grunt people there know what is going on.

Above: Look how Tracer flaunts her sexuality in that blue skin pose. Oh, the Humanity! Our daughters will be forever scarred!

BTW, the original complaint was a father trying to say that Tracer to be a ‘role model’ for his daughter, which makes me wonder WHEN DID VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS EVER BECOME ROLE MODELS? They aren’t even real. They do not exist.

“But Malstrom…!”

I know, I know.

Remember when people complained video games had too much ‘violence’ in them? Now, they complain that the women are too hot in them!



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