Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 15, 2016

Email: Even more NX rumors

It’s going around now that a lot of the Wii U’s biggest games are
going to be re-launched on the NX, like Smash Bros., Super Mario Maker
and Splatoon.

I think this is going to happen, along with the next Zelda game having
a simultaneous launch on both the Wii U and NX, for the simple fact
that you make more money selling the same games over and over again
than you do once. And Nintendo is a master of this by now.

What I don’t believe is that the Wii U and NX versions of these games
will be cross-compatible with each other, despite what some people are
claiming. Nintendo will want you to buy the NX and those versions of
the games, not have some people still playing the old ones. They will
simply do what Rockstar did when new versions of GTA V came out for
newer systems… abandon the old ones entirely. And in time, the
servers will be shut down, so for games like Super Mario Maker that
are almost entirely online-only… you’re SOL unless you get the newer
version of the game and system.

NX will probably have no backwards compatibility, and no Virtual
Console. The latter is being phased-out on the Wii U as it is now,
with nowhere near a lineup that the Wii had at the same point in its


No backwards compatibility seems likely. Ports of Wii U games seems likely. Zelda U on NX seems likely.

“But Malstrom? What does this have to do with OMG 3D and Virtual Reality?”

Reader, I’m glad you asked. Nintendo is all about OMG 3D and Virtual Reality. There are many sensible ways Nintendo can go. Based on last generation, we must assume that Nintendo will do the opposite and go full tilt toward their pet project. Since they did OMG 3D last generation, perhaps they will go Virtual Reality.

“This does not make any sense, Malstrom.”

We’re not talking about reality here, we are talking about Nintendo. The new Zelda game will be about anime and cutting grass in people’s lawns (because that is what Aonuma liked doing in Link to the Past). Also expect trains. Sakamoto will give us Other M 2 where he really explains to us Samus’s maternal instincts. Miyamoto has a sequel to Wii Music on the way as well as Pikmin 4. All these things will happen.

Hide your daughters! Hide your sons! It is coming!

“It’s not coming, Malstrom. This would be the stupidest thing for Nintendo to do.”

Based on Nintendo’s recent moves for the past decade, this is, alas, the most probable thing for it to do.

Above: Miyamoto is making this again to make sure we properly ‘get it’. We didn’t get it last time. We did not understand. Miyamoto will make us understand.



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