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Email: Three years later: My Little Ponies

It’s been that long since you posted a few times about it, and I’ve
watched the entire series up to now and still watch it.

It is not the best series ever, by far, and aside from an episode or
two here and there, it’s fairly average or even mediocre. The fandom
itself has basically died off as well, with only the true hardcore
still sticking around, and despite the creed of “love and tolerate”
they’re some of the most vile and horrible people on the internet.

Which stands to reason, because the whole “brony” culture/meme only
started because of 4chan, which is one of the worst places on the

The “golden age” was probably the first two seasons. After that,
Hasbro decided to distance themselves from the bronies and went after
fan projects and episode uploads, which they turned a blind eye to
before because they were flabbergasted at the brony “response” (ie.
more money), and the fandom has steadily declined with every new
season. All that’s left now is basically the worst of it.

I know someone that used to spend some time writing fan fiction,
mostly for The Simpsons but also for some other things (mostly
cartoons). They were well-written, funny at times… but not enough
people read them. He fell into the trap of being more concerned about
being acknowledged and known than actually writing anything good, and
went to the Dark Side of fan fiction.

Porn. Specifically, pony porn at that. Since then I’ve lost any and
all respect for him. Sure, he has his “fame” now and is a moderator or
administrator at several high-profile pony sites, but he sold his damn
soul in more ways than one to get there. Because a staggeringly high
percentage of the pony fandom is obsessed with porn, so he took the
easy way out and almost exclusively catered to them. He has written a
few “normal” stories after that, but the damage is already done. I
hardly talk to him anymore and I don’t look at him the same way.

What I see as having happened is that, at first, there was a grace
period for this show in which it seemed to be the best thing in
existence. It was a way to escape reality and, more importantly, a way
to be accepted into a community where they felt like they belonged for

But over time, the faults and cracks started showing, and the more
sensible people left and went on with their lives. Some still watched
the show but distanced themselves from the fandom, appalled by it, and
realized that it’s just a cartoon. A children’s cartoon at that, not
something that will “change your life” (which sounds like the opening
line to every cult ever).

What always annoyed me is that bronies are quick to jump and deride
something as being crap and/or girly, despite the fact they’re
watching a show well outside of their “age-bracket”. And on places
with mob mentality like Equestria Daily, you’re expected to go along
with the majority opinion at all times or they’ll crucify you. It’s
okay to have an opinion, so long as it’s the right one. Yes, “love and
tolerate” indeed.

Take something like Sailor Moon. It’s “girly”, yes, but with topics
and themes that veer into very serious territory, including death. It
is a far superior series to FiM in almost every way, and handles
things such as redemption much better. Nothing like that has happened,
or will ever happen, in Friendship is Magic. All it really takes for
someone to be forgiven there is to sing a song about it. Yet a lot of
bronies would probably dismiss it offhand.

Equestria Daily has a post up about “where the fandom will be in five
years”. The show will be over by then, a footnote, and aside from the
super hardcore everyone will have moved on. Ratings are lower and the
show is running on fumes as it is when it comes to story-lines.
Personally, I hope the show ends soon. It had a good run, mostly in
the early seasons.

Don’t know if you’ll post this on your site, but these are some of my
thoughts and experiences over the whole issue.


So the bronies were just hipsters that were interested in something while it was shiny? You mean friendship ISN’T magic?

But where will the bronies go? The destruction of My Little Ponies is like the destruction of Zha’dum, the dark servants will make a home somewhere else.



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