Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 15, 2016

Email: Truly, the Stellaris Hype is Real

In addition to the videos you’ve posted already, have you been watching the company’s Blorg play-through?

All Hail the Blorg! You will be befriended. Resistance is rude.

It’s particularly exciting that this seems like it may well be everything I hoped for from Maxis’ Spore only to be severely disappointed – really, I liked Spore up until the Space phase, at which point it all fell apart. Which was immensely disappointing since that was supposed to be the highlight and best part of the game, only to crash and burn in the worst possible way.

I’m especially looking forward to the potential of playing the one race that Spore really, truly killed for me – a race of all-devouring space locus, ready to devour all who stand in my path.

It’s exciting enough that I may well be willing to put up with Steam to play this game if need be. I’ve had an overwhelming resistance to Steam thus far, and would love if there were a way to play without Steam (which based on what I’ve heard is looking unlikely, unless you’ve heard otherwise), but for this? I just might be willing to put up with it, even if I wind up getting a relatively inexpensive secondary computer for it so I don’t have to infest my primary computer with Steam (boo, hiss!).

I’m particularly looking forward to your thoughts on the actual game itself once you’ve had a chance to actually play it, especially since you’ve stated you may get it at launch. If nothing else, I imagine that your far more enlightened thoughts on it and if it lives up to its potential to be far more accurate and trustworthy than what I’ll find anywhere else.


Thanks for the kind words, but I’ll probably wait on getting it at launch. Money is tight for me at the moment. We will see.

I am not happy with the Steam requirement too. Did you know that Take Two games are finally coming to GoG such as Railroad Tycoon? This means Civilization will be coming soon to GoG. I’ve been trying to eliminate all need of Steam from my system.

I am also preparing for the NX launch. I held off on Generation 8, but I may want to jump in with Generation 9. NX launch system with Zelda U, Smash U, and some other cool games? That is enticing. I’m really curious how their account system will be. How many times will I have to buy Super Mario Brothers?



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