Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 17, 2016

Email: VR is like any other hardware – it’s software that sells it

Super Mario Bros. is what sold NES systems, Myst is what sold CD drives, etc.

There needs to be “must-have” software in order to sell it VR – a tech demo wouldn’t sell a game console or CD drives, so why should it sell VR headsets?

And people need to actually prefer using VR for said “must-have” software rather than not using VR, otherwise you get a 3D TV situation where 99.99% of 3D TV owners use it only for 2D content.


VR will fail in 2016 for the same reason it failed in 2006, 1996, and 1986. People will say, “The technology isn’t there yet,” but it has been there. People will say, “The right software hasn’t been made,” yet it will keep failing.

Look at the Wii’s success (which did actually use a VR type motion controller). One of the integral key elements to Wii’s success was that the console sought to NOT remove the player from the real world. Wii Sports was not a fantasy environment. You even had Miis that looked like you in the game. You played with people in the living room, not in a dimly lit room with soda alone.

Miyamoto says that the problem with VR is how stupid people look with those glasses and how those glasses shut people out of the real world. There is a reason why Nintendo invested and gambled so much on glasses-less 3d with the 3DS (though there is no demand for 3d output).

The Wii was based on the idea that the typical video game player was a loser who doesn’t shower, stays alone playing video games, and is a basement neckbeard. This is also why the hardcore despised the Wii so much. The Wii was the most SOCIAL console ever made. Xbox 360 and PS3 and their successors try to define ‘social’ as in their friends lists, but the local multiplayer of the Wii blows it away.

VR’s problem is not the software or that the ‘technology isn’t right’. VR’s problem is that it is contrary to Human nature. Human beings are social creatures. VR removing Humans from the world is a terminal flaw. I am not saying Virtual Reality has flaws that will be remedied over time, I am saying the entire thing is doomed and will always be doomed.

“Nintendo is doomed!” we keep hearing. But it is VR that is always doomed.

Placed in more mythological phraseology, VR is Man’s quest to build an alternate world, a sort of Tower of Babylon. Only through death can we truly leave this world. Arrogance says man can recreate the Earth in our own image. VR is a current tool to do that.

Despite all our ‘technology’, we’re not doing anything truly different than was done thousands of years ago. Instead of movies, they had plays. They still have music like we do. They had horses, we have cars. They had boats, we have airplanes. “This is new! It has never been done before!” But it is all chasing the wind.

The quest for VR is not a quest to fill market demand. It is a quest of vanity.

Wii showed that people do not want a virtual reality to disappear inside. They want fun brought out into THEIR reality.

VR is virtual + reality, a type of ‘constructed world’. Who gets to make this world? Not you, the beautiful reader. It would be the developer. In VR, the developer becomes God. The quest for VR is the quest to become a god.



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