Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 28, 2016

Nintendo NX to be out on March 2017

Here’s a story on it. What does this mean?

Kiminishi says the delay is to make sure NX has more games. But why not show anything NX at E3? Wii’s controller was revealed at TGS 2005 while the console was revealed at E3 2006.

There’s a simple explanation to this. This is why you are here anyway.

The success of the Wii and the DS really made Nintendo think their shit didn’t stink. But stink it did. The 3DS and Wii U launches were terrible. So now we are in a situation opposite of last generation; Nintendo is overly cautious.

This is beyond the games.

Nintendo is scared about talking about the NX. Kiminishi even says the concept is not like a normal console. Since the Wii U was not explained well at all, Nintendo will not talk about the NX yet. Too much could go wrong in the PR side here.

I still guarantee the HARDWARE of the console will be shown. During Wii U’s reveal, the console was not showcased so everyone thought the Wii U was just a controller. Iwata had to be photographed with the console and had the photo released on twitter in order to say, “Yes, there is a new console here.”

What is so strange is that Nintendo did a GOOD job explaining the Wii. Nintendo did a good job even with the DS. Do you know why I think that is? This guy:

Reggie Fils-Aime - Game Developers Conference 2011 - Day 3 (2).jpg

People joke how Fils-Aime “My body is ready” is nothing but a suit, has no real control, but Reggie was paramount in communicating the value of the DS and Wii. Iwata only talked broken English and didn’t make much sense. Miyamoto could only act like a clown. It was Reggie who effectively communicated it.

“Master Malstrom, it is uncouth to talk about kicking ass and playing the strong-man.” It got your attention back then, didn’t it? A similar approach has apparently worked for the presumptive Republican nominee for president.

I am sick to death of the chicken shit coming from Nintendo. Who the fuck watches these Nintendo directs? What connection does NOA have with actual society?

Nintendo cannot fuck up the NX launch. Fucking up the NX launch will probably eradicate Nintendo from the dedicated hardware market entirely. The DS and Wii was Nintendo being an Asian tiger pouncing from the shadows. The NX, so far, is Nintendo being a pussycat. This is what we should call Nintendo now. Pussycats. (The employees do like photos of kittens after all.)

Nintendo seems so scared right now. They are scared of their own shadow. They weren’t scared at all in 2005.

I strongly suspect that Nintendo doubts the NX, itself, will appeal which might be why they are doubling down on software. Nintendo has launched other consoles with little games. My favorite was the SNES launch. But oh, what games! Super Mario World! Yamauchi had such faith in Nintendo’s games. Today, no. Remember Iwata’s absurd prediction that Super Mario World 3D would rocket the Wii U to the stratosphere? Yeah. There has been no true killer apps on the Wii U. It’s Nintendo’s games that doomed the Wii U.

You live by the games, you die by the games. If your console ain’t selling, it has to be the games. If Nintendo is going for a mass library approach, which I suspect, it is going to shove as much as it can out there.

It’s pretty pointless to speculate what is going on internally with Nintendo. I just find Nintendo’s performance to be very disappointing. It’s like the company is facing Japanese-rot that the rest of the country is having.



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