Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 4, 2016

Starfox Zero Honest Game Trailer

It sums up my feelings on the game.

Nintendo doesn’t understand Starfox. They think Starfox 64 is great and brilliant (it wasn’t). The SNES Starfox was pretty cool with a rad soundtrack. N64 was OK at best. After that, Starfox became the suck. The worst was Starfox Command for DS (so terrible!).

The puppets are OK. The voice acting is atrocious. The graphics are atrocious. The game screams LAME and STUPID. Starfox Zero looks like something that should come from a Burger King kid’s meal.

BTW, if you have to ‘learn the controls’, then the controls are bad. It is as simple as that.

You didn’t have to ‘learn the controls’ for Wii Sports, did you?

You didn’t have to ‘learn the controls’ for Super Mario Brothers, did you? Many of you learned that at five years old!

Miyamoto thinks he is some sort of genius, and the game developers there are likely all making their own little ‘part’ of the game which is why it all comes across as non-unified and lame. Remember, Miyamoto delayed this game. In this game, the game delayed is a game bad forever.

Starfox was about being cool. This is cool. Nintendo doesn’t know what cool is.



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