Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 7, 2016

Is Hardcore Gaming about fatherless sons trying to make a name for themselves?

I stumbled over this video by accident. It sums up many of the ‘hardcore gamers’ I see at that young age range. In the video, I ask one simple question: where are the fathers? There are no fathers because it looks like they are being raised by single moms.

To you 80s kids who grew up on the NES and SNES, can you imagine playing games then like kids do today? You simply couldn’t. The reason why the pause button exists (invented with the NES of course) is because you expect to be interrupted in your game.

I would like to make a poll with every hardcore gamer: did they come from a broken family? I bet the mass majority of these ‘hardcore gamers’ did. They played video games in their youth obsessively to hide the pain of their real lives.

This is not a judgement post, just an observation one.



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