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Is the Warcraft movie bigger than Star Wars?

Depending on where you live, it most definitely is. It is funny to see the Warcraft movie so bashed by our ‘thoughtful critics’, saying it’s special effects are the only good thing, without realizing that this is the same exact criticism that was put against the original Star Wars.

The point is: do not listen to the reviews. Go watch the film yourself. I think any fan of Warcraft should see it.

There are two things I wish the movie did (spoilers ahead): 1) actually have Stormwind fall like it did in the first game 2) create a frame that says this is the first war out of three wars in an even large tapestry of history.

I thought the orcs come across well, especially the fight scenes. The orcs are scary with their mass and bulk.

Above: This is the Orc Victory ending in Warcraft 2. The Orcs are very brutal. They are just as brutal in the movie. I was very surprised and thrilled!

The ending, without Stormwind falling, doesn’t make sense. There is no big payoff of the orcs invading or anything like that.

Thrall being infected by fel hints that a future movie would be Thrall overcoming his corruption and, thus, freeing all the Orcs.

Anyway, check out this story:

They like it so much, in fact, that Duncan Jones’ film had already earned $124.2 million there just three days after release, with $46 million of that coming in on the first day alone. If it’s not clear how big those numbers are, consider this: Last December’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens only pulled in $125 million in China during its entire theatrical run.

Meanwhile, back in the US analysts have almost gleefully been predicting a flop of the highest order, pegging the weekend haul at somewhere around $25 million for a film with a $160 million budget.

China’s numbers thus surprise some people, especially when paired with those for the ostensibly superior Star Wars. But just as many critics don’t appreciate the ways in which Jones’ film honors the spirit of the games, they don’t appreciate the huge presence World of Warcraft has attained in China over the years.

Did you know that China will soon overtake the US as the biggest movie market this year?

“Malstrom, what does this mean? Tell me! Tell me now!”

Let us say China overtakes the US as the biggest movie market, and China keeps growing its movie market. This is highly probable to occur.

Doesn’t that mean movies will be made to consider how it sells in China? While to be hyperbolic to illustrate a point: maybe Disney should sell Lucasfilm and buy Blizzard.

“Malstrom! This is crazy!”

You mean like Japanese companies making their entertainment to suit the West? Why shouldn’t places in America make entertainment to suit the East as well?


Many Americans keep thinking that American market and American culture is the world market and world culture. It isn’t. America is no longer #1 in many, many things. Adapt. Learn the new ways or be left behind.

Above: The ending to Warcraft 1: Orcs and Humans

Above: I never would have believed that the above game would be made into a movie. Now we just need to make this game into a movie. Imagine how it would be!




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