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NX software is being shown this E3

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Keep sending me your E3 impressions (i.e. Zelda impressions). I will post them all up. Nintendo does review this site as its voice and readers tend to be a very different type of Nintendo gamer.

There seems to be much excitement about Zelda: BoW “WOW”. I remember criticizing 3d Mario or Aonuma Zelda, and many people were pissed off. “You are to speak of only of the business. Do not mention the games.” But the games are Nintendo’s business! Did you see how many 2d Mario games were sold with the NSMB line? It’s outrageous Nintendo stopped making 2d Mario. The complaints about Sakamoto Metroid are justified with Other M. But with Zelda, I’ve been nothing but a broken record for YEARS on this. Do you know why?

Because I was there.

In the Kohler interview, Aonuma keeps saying that Miyamoto is god. He is not god. Malstrom is the god of Nintendo. It is because Malstrom is the customer. You, the beautiful reader (all my readers are beautiful), are also the god of Nintendo. Lately, Nintendo for some reason stopped seeing certain customers and only wanted to see the customers of 3d Mario, of Aonuma Zelda, and so on. The customers of, say, the original Zelda were no longer wanted to be recognized by Nintendo. Miyamoto is given such credit because he was the originator developer for the game. But should not the early customers be given credit for being the originator customers? We put Zelda on the map. It is time to hear our story as to why that experience made Zelda memorable. It had nothing to do with ‘story’ or ‘timeline’. Zelda is on the right track. Let’s hope the Aonuma-isms are kept down to a minimal.

I’m hoping Mario is scrubbed clean of the NSMB style. I want to see 3d Mario embrace being 3d Mario and go more the Mario 64 direction instead of trying to be a 2d Mario in 3d. Just as Zelda was super lame and became suddenly refreshing with this new game, maybe the same will happen to Mario.

As for Metroid, you know what needs to be done. We need a new 2d Metroid that will make Super Metroid obsolete as Super Metroid made the original Metroid obsolete. We need this Metroid for it will sell for the next half century. Nintendo thinks we are asking for iterations of something like Metroid for each console. No. We want ONE GOOD Metroid before we die. Imagine a Metroid that kicks Super Metroid’s ass.

Back with the Wii reveal, it was the hardware that was shown first with the software being shown only until E3 2006. Perhaps this was due to the software not being HD. Perhaps it was because the software wasn’t done. Perhaps it was because Nintendo wanted to show off the software with the motion controls. What I don’t think people realize is that Nintendo is doing the reverse this time.

NX software is being shown now, with the hardware coming later.

Zelda BoW “WOW!” isn’t just a Wii U game, it is a NX launch title.

If Smash and other Wii U titles get ported over, they will be NX launch titles too.

Nintendo showcasing this NX launch title allows Nintendo to show off the other titles and hardware later on.

Stop thinking of Zelda BoW “WOW!” as a Wii U game. Start thinking of it as the first NX game.

Then you’ll be playing with power.



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