Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 18, 2016

Email: Checking out of consoles

So the E3 press conferences have come and gone, and two of the big three gaming companies have announced nothing but sequels, remakes, and remasters as far as the eye can see. Hell, they’re even remastering entire consoles now (PS4 NEO and XBOX Scorpio). This generation is truly The Force Awakens of video games – forget about making anything new or original, we’ll just RE-make everything with a shiny new coat of paint, sell them LITERALLY the same games, and the hardcore will eat it up because they’re morons! It makes me want to check out of modern gaming entirely. Who is the market for these remasters, anyway?

Sony and Microsoft’s master plan is to get gamers to shell out four hundred dollars for cut-down PCs every two years. Let’s debunk the hardcore talking points for why this will work:

1) “Because people buy better phones every two years, they’ll love buying better consoles!”
Until recently, the phone companies could trick you into thinking you paid $200 for the phone and then hide twice the actual cost in your monthly bills over two years. Smartphone sales are declining because the mobile companies don’t like doing this anymore. Neither of these systems have been announced, but $400 looks a lot scarier to the average bear than $200, especially in a crappy economy like we have now. Is the plan to charge $200 upfront and then hide the rest in a PSN or XBL subscription fee, kind of like what Microsoft tried to do with the 360 near the end of its life? If so, that’s an exceptionally stupid plan.

2) “PC nerds upgrade their hardware every two years, and they love it!”
This is a myth. Some do, certainly, but ever since consoles became the primary development target, you can run most modern PC games comfortably at 1080p with an outdated PC. Case in point: my machine has a seven-year old processor (a Core i7 860) and a four-year old graphics card (NVIDIA GTX 660). I used to upgrade my PC when I ran into a game I couldn’t run on max settings, and that hasn’t happened in a long time.

I’m sure there are other ones, but those are the two big points I keep hearing. If they’re really going to do this, then I am done with consoles (well, we’ll see if Kimishina can rein in GAME GOD Miyamoto for the NX).


I know a 19 year old who is excited for Scorpio and remastered Skyrim. Why? Because he is 19 years old.

Has there been any time when a 19 year wasn’t excited for ‘new game stuff’? Maybe 1983.

I actually  haven’t been paying attention to Sony and Microsoft’s ‘announcements’. To me, it sounds like the same. Nintendo is the one that piques my interest.




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