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Email: Experience Playing Zelda

Malstrom readers are even at E3… right where Nintendo would never expect them to be! If the reader will quiet down for a moment, we will hear this emailer tell us how it was to play the new Zelda.

“B-b-but how do you know this, Malstrom? Anyone can email you anything!?”

Did I not tell you to be quiet? There is a reason why you are the reader. The emailer sent proof that he was, indeed, at E3. Perhaps he was part of those elite cabal we call game journalists.

Hello Master Malstrom,

So you are looking for Zelda impressions. Well, I actually got to played at E3. So I thought I’d share.

So, of all the games I played, it’s probably the most memorable. There are a ton of things that impressed me. For one, you can die. If you’ve seen the footage or watched the trailer, there is this skull rock, where if you knock down the lantern, it will blow up the room. When I messed up. I figured “Oh, I could kill this guy like I’ve killed every enemy thus far” Well, the big guy in there killed me in one hit. I had to run away from that. When was the last time you died in a classic Zelda game. I’ve seen some other footage where there are enemies in the starting area that can wreck you. In another instance, I fell down a cliff and pathetically rolled down. I had to fight the enemies to try and steal their stuff to restore my health. It was a bit exciting with a little more tension. That, and it feels like fighting and raiding camps was worthwhile.

If I were t compare it to any Zelda game, it would be the first one. When I first saw it, I thought it was a mix of Skyrim and Shadow of the Colossus. But thinking back, it’s really a modern version of the first one. If someone were to go to sleep after the NES and wake up in 2016, having no knowledge of the other games, they would see this as Zelda to the max. It seems different to a lot of Nintendo fans because their idea of Zelda is Ocarina of Time. Nothing wrong with that game, but this, if anything, is a return to form.

What makes it memorable is this game feels like an adventure, not a “Go to X, solve puzzle.” I despise Anouma Zelda. This felt like a real adventure. You get different weapons, can explore, you fight enemies. Everything feels right. I met a girl there who had played it and she gushed about everything. She liked the idea of cooking and pulling chest from the water. She seemed like a big Zelda fan, but hated Skyward Sword (good indicator for someone’s taste). A ton of people were loving this game, but when I heard her excitement, I realized that this could be a hit.

Oh, and the line was something else. It was closed 3 minutes into the last day. A friend and I got in because we basically made a line at the end of the official line. The line wrapped all the way around Nintendo’s booth and then some. It moved fast, but there were just too many people. Everyone had to play Zelda. Heck, I only got to do it once.

Also, if your curious, you get you first weapons (a tree branch, woodcutter axe and a bow) about 5 minutes in. The story demo had you get a book, equip some clothes, climb a rock, and do a short cut scene outside. You could skip all the cutscenes too. You may get a sword 10 minutes or so in (an enemy drops it). This could probably go faster if you skip the cutscenes (which weren’t that long) and just go for the stuff.

That said, I still have some concerns (can never trust Anouma). First, it didn’t seem like there were too many enemies. The Treehouse footage showed there were a bit more. Also, we haven’t seen towns or NPCs (which Anouma fucks up. They look like stupid dolls. If someone put a gun to Anouma’s head and told him to draw a not awful character, he wouldn’t make it). There is also the stamina bar which is used for almost everything. The sword spin (maybe attacking too), running, climbing, swimming. It just seems like a limiting mechanic. I’m hoping we can at least upgrade it. Then it will at least feel like an RPG element and not dumb. Also, the first shrine is named after Aonuma, but the other ones may be named after other developers, so I’m hoping it’s not self flatulation.

So far, the game is awesome. I’m hoping we aren’t disappointed. From the reaction, this could be huge. This is the game everyone was talking about, and getting into the game was almost impossible. People waited 3 hours before the show opened just to get into it. It was that crazy.

By the way, here is proof that I actually was at E3. I wrote this late so I’m sorry if it has any spelling error or what not.


Can you believe it, reader? This emailer met a girl who not only played Zelda but gushed about it! What is going on here!?


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