Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 21, 2016

Email: Zelda BOW Bait and Switch

Hey Malstrom,

I’m a longtime reader of yours whose been out of the modern gaming loop for a very long time now but for curiosity’s sake I decided to go and check out what Nintendo is doing with Zelda these days since E3 has rolled around.

So having just got done checking out the new Wii U Zelda presentation I have to say that I’m just not feeling the hype.

Reasons being its the same old lame/ugly Skyward Sword visuals/art style that don’t immerse you in the gameplay experience like the more realistic and beautiful graphics of Twilight Princess and Ocarina (3DS version) but not only that the enemies…well…what enemies there are…are simply ridiculous looking re-treads from Skyward Sword for the most part which in addition to the ultra kiddy graphics totally removes a person from the immersive experience a game series such as this is supposed to provide.

I think the hype for this game is moreso due to Wii U owners craving games ANY games due to the Wii U’s severe game drought more than it is an example of Nintendo fans getting excited for the next big Zelda game.

As for this idea I’m reading on your site either from yourself or your readers that says there’s not going to be any annoying helper character this time around for Link all I can say is we can never trust Aonuma/Nintendo to not lie to us.

They lied to us and betrayed us with Wind Waker and they lied to us and betrayed us with the original epic and awesome Wii U Zelda trailer which was another realistic Zelda presentation we were led to believe we’d be getting only to be bait and switched with more ugly detestable anime.

So I’m sure Aonuma will stick in a fairy friend or two (or three) to bother Link without end…or {{Shudders}}…Tingle.


Perhaps they’ll make the middle aged man character I saw who looked like a fatter version of Mario in the Zelda U trailer into Link’s helper probably giving Link some “magical” device via which he can “phone home” or “radio in” to Link near constantly so Nintendo/Aonuma makes sure none of us gets lost. Pathetic.

(The character could be Link’s Uncle ala LTTP?)

I also think you or one of your readers ideas from a past column will turn out to be true and that idea is that much like with Wind Waker’s ocean travel mechanic this Zelda will also be essentially “on rails” whereby whatever horse Link gets to ride you just press a button and direct the horse for large and certain sections of field and have no real control or exploration over where you’re going.

Ultimately I just see Nintendo/Aonuma as incredibly disgraceful pathological liars and deceivers almost always engaging in bait and switch tactics on the Nintendo/Zelda fanbase and that the end product of this game won’t be as close to the original Legend Of Zelda on the NES’s spirit of freedom as you and many of your readers seem to be thinking right at this moment.


Link to the Past had an old man who guided you.

You could ignore him as you can in the new Zelda. Has anyone ever said Link to the Past is marred by the old man? I don’t. There was even a fortune teller. To compare to a PC RPG, Ultima had the king (Lord British), a jester (Chuckles), and a talking horse (!) (Smith) guide you. The Old Man is just a NPC.

I don’t think this is Bait and Switch because we haven’t seen the switch. I think this Zelda is truly about the overworld experience as the soul of the game.

When I started this page, I was accused of working for Nintendo because I was so positive about Nintendo. In 2008, I became negative which angered many people. Now I am positive, at least, about what I’ve seen of this Zelda so far. The goal is to be fair. This Zelda is the right direction. I have to give Aonuma credit for allowing it to happen.



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