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Email: My Zelda: BotW impressions (Action Shrines, A Cool Link, Tunic, slow motion and more)

Hello Master Malstrom,

Everyone is doing a good job writing interesting impressions and everyone seems to mostly be on the same page about things. I don’t normally do this sort of thing, especially over the ‘net, but I’m going to give just my $0.02 on the subject.

I really like how Link in this game is very proficient. He wields a variety of weapons including pitchforks and axes with dexterity. When I first saw this Link during the E3 2014 reveal, I thought he was hideous and that I would never get use to him. But this link Is like a woodsman, a scout, a swordsman and maybe more, all in one. This Link can do everything! I instantly fell in love.

On Link’s Tunic:
Here’s Aonuma being asked about Link’s tunic:
what happened to Link’s green tunic? “I don’t know… I wonder,” Aonuma said with a laugh.
A treehouse representative said that of all the outfits in the final game, it’s possible it’ll make a return. (

I really hope it makes a return… I mean, it should. Wouldn’t make sense to put Link in the wilderness where he can hunt and stuff and not give him a camouflaging green tunic. Also, his blue tunic seen in the promotional artwork was simply plundered from a chest, sitting in the middle of nowhere. At least in the demo… A hero needs some royalties.

Do you remember how around when they first showed Twilight Princess, they didn’t even want to say whether the horse was Epona or not?

After all, in this game, Link has been asleep for 100 years and the game acknowledges him as a hero from the start + the Master Sword is in this game, which I’m sure is going to be the ideal blade that won’t degrade and break, so he should have an ideal outfit to go with it all. Right?

Monolithsoft is working on the game. I’ve never played any of their games, though I want to…(

About shrines:
During the Treehouse stream, one of them stated that even though the shrines that they were showing were puzzle oriented, not all of them are. Some are action oriented others are puzzle oriented. Some are even both, I think she said. This sounds cool, like you might not know what you’re getting into.
From what we’ve seen of the shrines, you’re given a new ability at the start of the trial, if you complete it, you get to keep the new ability. My only worry is that if the game sticks to this exact setup too strictly throughout the game, the more action oriented ones could be geared towards certain weapons which could make things feel artificial all over again. I hope this isn’t the case. Maybe I’m overthinking this?

About the overworld:
During the Threehouse stream, Aonuma stated that at some point, Link will jump off of the plateau and that will dictate what kind of rout you’ll take. This to me sounds like the overworld will be sort of maze-like and that’s good.
And about the music; The music choice makes sense.
They went with an “open air” music style since it’s hard to keep a matching pace in such a wide open space with many different activities available, they claim.
I do like that it seems to be a fully orchestrated soundtrack. However, I do hope to see more in the way of a traditional soundtrack as the music that I could hear so far, mostly for battle, were minimalistic. Moreover, if you watch the Wolf Link Amiibo trailer, the trailer music actually seemed like a good fit for the field. I hope they actually use it at some point in the game. Maybe like a different arrangement of it.

Speaking of Wolf Link; The Amiibo function is actually alright. What it does is allow you to spawn Wolf Link from Twilight Princess into your Zelda: BotW game. He will serve as a helper in combat and he will also “sniff out certain items for you as well”. After you complete the cave of trials or whatever it’s called in Twilight Princess HD, the left-over hearts that you survived with will be the amount o f hearts Wolf Link has When imported into Zelda: BOTW’s Hyrule. Not that big of deal, really, but it’s damn well implemented and looks really cool to have a wolf running along side link. Aonuma said something about this feature being for players that still want a companion character. I don’t remember the quote. But this is the way to do it! That being said, there’s otherwise no companion character. YAY!

About the combat:
Now wielding all of those weapons is cool and all, but I noticed that when wielding, I guess, one-handed weapons, a sword for example, Link would only swing horizontally. He performed a vertical jump attack but that’s different. I am wondering if Link’s basic moveset will expand or has it just been simplified. Perhaps the weapon variety is to make up for it.

About that slow motion aspect:
Much to my dismay (and some others, as I’ve heard others voice their concern on this) the slowdown of time during combat is not an external force. Meaning it’s just part of the game’s combat. It happens when you dodge at just the right time as well as use certain moves, apparently. Think Wii Sports boxing. I worry that this will be distracting, break up the action and just feel disjointed overall as the game constantly slows down and speeds up as you try to fight. I’d much rather the game just let me strike enemies if not let me control it.

About the “technology” theme of the game:
I’m really not feeling this. Though it doesn’t look overly prominent in the footage we’ve seen thus far, I just don’t really like it. Some of the effects are distracting to me, like those blue shards when Link chucks a weapon at an enemy and the blue blasts those blue orbs make. Because of this, I find it a bit of a tease that the blue orbs make the satisfying blasting noise while other objects, like the barrels in this video ( @28:25), make the same dang sound they started using in the Wind Waker. I hope they change this.

Oh, another cool thing: If you watch IGN’s timelapse video where they show off the day/night cycle, a meteor of sorts can be seen falling from the sky and hitting the ground, making a giant beacon!

I wonder what that is… =o

Well, I guess that’s it. Turned out a bit longer than I expected.

Take care!

P.S. Your blog has really been a blessing to me. I’m taking all of your various criticism and insights into account when I make my own game some day. :^)


Time lapse video is pretty cool.



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