Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 22, 2016

Email: We Mere Mortals Can Slay These Game Gods

I’m sure you’re still digging through all of the E3 backlog as I type this, and hopefully this email won’t get lost in your sifting as I felt something I haven’t felt in a very, very long time since I’ve observed the video game industry from the sidelines throughout half a decade.

Video games feel exciting again. Valve Corporation is beginning to lose their stranglehold on the PC gaming industry from another company that’s actually a subsidiary of a video game developer that actually makes their own video games to this day by allowing certain titles purchased on Steam to be tied to a account for free (but not the other way around), Nintendo doing the right things with Zelda (The first thing I heard in the E3 trailer of the game sent chills of excitement down my spine), and finally, we have another game industry bombshell that dropped not too long ago:

Mighty Number 9, a video game with at least 4 million dollars to its name, is finally out for people to buy and nobody wants it. Everyone who helped fund the game got shafted repeatedly throughout its development to the point that I could palpably feel their seething anger just by visiting the official reddit board and noticing how little activity was over there. Whatever enthusiasm anyone posted about the game was tepid at best, since every single piece of breaking news that came out in that board was just more fuel to add to the dumpster fire. Heck, it felt like they were using black humor just to forget about it. The amount of bad rep this game has gotten to the point that whoever’s in charge of Sonic the Hedgehog’s twitter feed makes jabs for at the developers of the game whenever they do any major PR stunt for it. What makes these Sonic tweets even more insulting to is that although most of the Sonic games released after the Dreamcast were horrible, at least they actually get released and were probably made with a lot less than 4 million dollars.

Of course, to top this all off, Inafune himself publicly apologizes about this train wreck (Kotaku says to start at minute 48):

Which still doesn’t help matters at all. The twitch comments are also really brutal. Of course, Sonic also adds his own salt to the wound:

What I loved about this whole debacle is that a lot of gamers have been publicly exposed to this game industry rot that your posts have revealed on this blog for a very, very long time because this blunder came from a revered figure in the gaming industry. This alone makes it more significant over something like gamer gate is because this is stuff that actually matters since it’s about making games and not stupid political BS that people want to shove into something like Overwatch.

It’s amazing how a bad game can destroy a Game God. Remember the hype of Will Wright and his Spore? And then we actually played Spore.



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