Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 2, 2016

Email: A quick look at another NX game: Dragon Quest 11

You made a good point about seeing where NX might be headed from the NX software we know about. So let’s look at the very first NX game that was announced. A third party game, no less.

Dragon Quest 11. This is the 3DS version but it might give us some insight into the NX version. The thing is, you can play with 3D “modern” graphics, or 2D old school graphics, or in the example below, both at the same time. Both sides have the same content, but you get to choose whether you want old school or new school, within the same game. You pointed out once that Spotpass was a feature Nintendo borrowed from Dragon Quest 9. Anything to see here?

I’m not paying attention to Dragon Quest. Here is someone else talking about what the game might mean for NX:




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