Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 2, 2016

Email: Mighty No, 9’s awful reception

So as you may know, Mighty No. 9’s got a lot of nasty backlash when it was finally released. Nearly four million dollars for a mediocre product.

As if this wasn’t enough, look at this: 4 FOUR HOUR credit sequence where they praise all 70,000 backers behind this disaster. It’s basically a wall of shame.


I do not like the idea of paying for a product before it is made.

Anyone who has made games knows that the initial idea and concept of a game changes radically during development. You discover things don’t work, you discover different things that do work. This is true with creation of novels, music, and other artistic works.

I also do not like the idea that games takes YEARS to make. Folks, the Manhattan Project (the project that designed nuclear weapons) took four years. You are not making weapons of war. Game development has become more about ‘development’ and less about the game. It is like a cook trying to cook the steak as long as possible and telling us to keep smelling it, to keep hearing the sizzle, but we are never allowed to taste. It is like they do not want to face the Big Bad Real World out there. Minecraft took less than a year to put out an alpha mode of it. I know vanilla World of Warcraft took four years of development, but this is vanilla WoW we are talking about. I know some game makers see their works as labors of love which is why they spend so long on them, but the point is that a game shouldn’t take so long to make… especially the first iteration of it.

Steve Jobs, when returning to Apple, had to tell his developers that ‘Real artists ship.’ I see creative works not as refined sculpture but as shit that needs to be crapped out. If you keep in old crap, it builds up, you become uncomfortable, become the angst artist, and end up shitting all over yourself in a giant mess. Old ideas should not be kept in the refrigerator. They begin to stink. They need to be either consumed or thrown in the trash. If you try to use old stale ideas, then you make Nintendo’s worst games such as Starfox Command.

In other words, I feel sorry for those who kickstarted Star Citizen.



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