Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 2, 2016

What Malstrom wishes gamers knew…

Time marches forward, and what was ‘next generation’ becomes ‘retro’. When this site started, the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube Era was ‘modern gaming’ but is only known today as ‘Old School Gaming’ or ‘Retro Gaming’. 8-bit and 16-bit era games have become talismans to become collected like baseball cards beyond being played. Ten years from now, twenty years from now, things will keep changing.

But some things never change.

Gamers confuse Next Generation to mean the new hardware. But it is the new generation of gamers that matters especially those young adults. This is their time. It is their time in life where gaming is its most magical. So I have thought about a few things that I wish gamers knew…

One: Trust your sense of fun, not anyone else’s sense of fun.

Two: Understand how hard it is to make a video game.

Three: Know the Console Generations.

Four: Casual/Mobile Gaming’s formulas and marketing are derived from hardcore gaming formulas and marketing; just as you wonder why they cannot see them being manipulated, they wonder why you cannot see YOU are being manipulated.

Five: The business history of gaming is more important than the technical history of gaming.

Six: Game developer opinions are irrelevant; only the paying customer’s opinions matter.

Seven: Don’t invest emotionally in a game until you have it in your hands; do not invest in hype.

Eight: While video games do not generate culture (they borrow it from their time period), they create a far stronger imprint… so strong it can last a lifetime.

Nine: Gaming is circular in trends. (E.G. First person shooters/mazes have become popular with every new major technology change all the way back to the 1970s).

Ten: Gaming will waste your life if you are not careful.



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