Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 19, 2016

Email: The NES Classic Edition

Most likely, these are excess Wii Mini systems in a new case with the
disc drive removed. Nintendo has said both that no more games beyond
the 30 included can be added and that there’s no cartridge slot.

Since these are Wii Virtual Console versions of the games, expect the
same slight input lag and dark colors that they have.

As for the 30 games themselves, it’s a great selection but (in my
opinion) some of them should have been removed and replaced. I’d
personally remove:

– Double Dragon II: The Revenge
– Ice Climber
– StarTropics
– Super C
– Tecmo Bowl

And replace them with:

– Contra (the first game is much more well known, and better received)
– Double Dragon (ditto)
– Life Force
– Mega Man 3
– Tecmo Super Bowl (much better than the first game)


I doubt any of these theories of what the Mini is made out of will remain true. It’s a new product so it likely uses new parts.

Why replace any? ADD. “Nintendo is an AND company,” Reggie used to say. Instead of Mini 2, have a Mini Deluxe or Mini Plus and put in FORTY games or FIFTY NES games. The NES library is so rich that it can easily provide them.

In addition to those thirty, I would add non-sequels first (Life Force isn’t a real sequel):

Life Force
Blaster Master
Dragon Warrior 3
River City Ransom
Tetris (Nintendo can find a way)
Adventures of Lolo 3
R. C. Pro-Am 2
Duck Tales (Capcom can find a way)

Want more? OK.

Marble Madness
Kung Fu
Vice Project Doom
Maniac Mansion
Lode Runner
Bionic Commando
Rescue Rangers (Capcom can find a way)

Want more?

Blades of Steel
Metal Gear
Baseball Stars
Adventure Island II
Micro Machines (licensing issue)
Metal Storm
Rad Racer
Wizards and Warriors
Gargoyle’s Quest II

You need more, reader? Very well:

Double Dragon
Mega Man 3
Ninja Gaiden II
Demon Sword
Journey to Silus
Power Blade
The Guardian Legend
Little Samson

And how can I forget Paperboy????

The NES Mini commercial better have the house rocket up into space just like the original!!!




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