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Microsoft reveals why there is no new console generation

Microsoft did a huge reveal today and no one noticed. This is what was said:

Is this the last console generation?

Greenberg: I think it is. … For us, we think the future is without console generations; we think that the ability to build a library, a community, to be able to iterate with the hardware — we’re making a pretty big bet on that with Project Scorpio. We’re basically saying, “This isn’t a new generation; everything you have continues forward and it works.” We think of this as a family of devices.

The bold is my emphasis on that Microsoft is speaking only for Microsoft. This is a curious response to a question of ‘is this the last console generation’? Microsoft is not speaking for others. Microsoft is speaking only for itself. Microsoft is saying, in code, that this is the last generation for Xbox as a console.

A hardcore gamer enters the blog post. He points to Malstrom and shouts:

“Do you hear it, Malstrom? It is the declaration of inevitability. The console market will no longer have generations as we have known. It is time for you to get used to the new ways.”

Are you sure that is what Microsoft is saying?

“Of course. What else could Microsoft be meaning?”

That the Xbox is not a console.


You hardcore gamers are amplifying this by justifying the ridiculous notion that ‘console generations no longer exist’ that Microsoft is spewing by saying no generations exist for the PC. I agree with you. The PC is not part of the console generations.

Gads, you guys are stupid. You and the Game Industry, you Hardcore Gamers who have a control stick up your butt as you live on message forums all day, you guys know nothing about games.

You think console generations are about hardware.

You think console generations are about games.

You think console generations are when you spend a ton of money buying ‘new shit’.

Console generations are about…


If we were talking about toasters, we would say Toaster Generations and look at the evolution of the toaster. Operating Systems clearly went through generations. Graphical video cards go through generations. Generations applies to everything.

But console generations are about consoles.

“Microsoft is no longer affected by console generations.”

That is code for ‘Microsoft no longer makes consoles.’

But I know you are still here, Hardcore Gamer.

“Yes, I am still here.”

If the Xbox is not a console but a PC that has no generations, then how does the Xbox compare to the PC?

“Xbox to PC Master Race?”


“Xbox is casual gaming. The serious PC gamers play on a PC, not on a pre-made device where they had no input.”

Gasp! This means that if Microsoft goes ahead with declaring Xbox free from console generations because, the only way how is if Xbox isn’t a console, is to praise how PCs do not have ‘generations’ like consoles do. And if that is true, that means the ‘Hardcore Gamers’ of Xbox brand are actually ‘Casual Gamers’ of PC games.

It is what I’ve always said the Xbox was.

The PlayStation also is a dumbed down PC. But Sony is smart enough to keep marketing and pretending the PlayStation is a home console.

Now, is there value in a dumbed down PC masquerading as a console? Sure. Remember, most early consoles were arcade machines masquerading as a console.


Both of these are Ataris. One descended from the arcades (no longer there). The other descended from the PC. At one point in time, Atari could have had Apple and Nintendo under its roof.

While we know that the Super NES and Genesis are clearly arcade descendants, the Famicom does stand for ‘Family Computer’. This is what was used in Japan. But the PC scene wasn’t as well established as in America, but that still left open potential for more ‘Famicoms’, i.e. family computers.

The TurboGrafx-16

Turbographx 16 was called the PC Engine.

And, of course, the PlayStation came from Sony Computer.

If we accept the arcade and PC as two markets, the console is how you play the games in your living room (or handheld). But the Xbox, despite its heavy PC influence, wanted to be a console. Today, the Xbox no longer desires to be a console.

Xbox will just become an entertainment PC. Xbox players are just players who cannot handle a real PC.

Console generations are about consoles. The only way hardware can not participate in console generations is if it no longer is a console.

“Don’t need no more generatons, man! It’s like PC. PC don’t got no generations!”

Thank you, Hardcore Gamer. You have completed the circle of my point I’ve been making for over a decade. The Xbox has never been a true console. It is nothing but a dumbed down PC designed for those who cannot handle a real PC (such as children and men whose wives won’t allow them a PC). The ‘hardcore gaming’ marketing was like telling boys that their fisher price toys are ‘edgy’ and ‘super cool’ when they were nothing but plastic toys.

Time makes more converts than reason.



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