Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 20, 2016

If Origin was still around, they would make something like Star Citizen

This is the demo of Star Citizen at Gamescon. Take a look:

To those familiar with Chris Roberts’ work, as well as Origin games, this seems like a modern Origin game. Origin was the game company that made Ultima and Wing Commander. When their games came out, they were the cutting edge of power and graphics. You had to buy a new computer to play the latest Wing Commander or Ultima game. The games hold ridiculous attention to detail. Wing Commander came with ship blueprints in the box, for example. While I dislike the movie aspects of the later Wing Commanders, you have to realize how Wing Commander 1 really set up a ‘universe’. Chris Roberts does not like menues. You do not ‘exit’ the game, you clicked on your bunker. You did not select ‘start mission’, you clicked on the door that led to the mission hall.

Folks, the above game of Wing Commander came out in 1990. When Mega Man 3, Commander Keen, and Railroad Tychoon was released, this game was released and WOWED everyone. I believe Wing Commander, more than any other game, made video games production based instead of design based. The production values were nuts.

What Roberts is doing is now rarely done in games today: lotable ambition.  The sheer ambition of Star Citizen is nuts. A modern Wing Commander would be Star Citizen. Complete nuts.

But Origin did go out of business and was taken over by EA. The reason why was because of the price of disks. Had Origin not been so far ahead of the curve, their games could have utilized CDs which would have cut down massively on the costs of their massive, massive games.

Is Derek Smart correct about Star Citizen? I believe everyone is right. Smart has good points: why is this game so far behind? Will it ever be completed? And why waste money on something now? It is best to wait until the product is out. However, I want Star Citizen to be successful just to show everyone what true ambition and magic gaming can be. Is Chris Roberts lying and cheating gamers? I don’t think so. But I do think he is biting off more than he can chew with this. He should have made a smaller game first and then done the rest.

Real artists ship.



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