Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 26, 2016

Master of Orion 4 developers are incompetent and should never been allowed to work on the game

Hey, the new Master of Orion is out.

Too bad the game sucks. It has the cool new art and sound, but the gameplay isn’t there.

Do you know why, reader?

“I do not. Do tell me, Master Malstrom.”

I have gotten people together with the serious intention of re-making Master of Orion 1. After all, how hard could this 1990 game be?

The art is non-existent.

The sound is non-existent.

It is primarily a single player game.

How hard could it be?

The problem was AI. Master of Orion has a sophisticated AI in it. The reason why you see ‘space lanes’ is because the developers are so incompetent that they can only program the AI to do space lanes. They cannot actually do space.

Here is the source:

Similarly, the unrestricted movement from the originals will never be introduced. In an interview earlier this year, Wargaming’s Chris Keeling explained that without them, players would be able to exploit the AI far too easily.

“There’s no real grand tactical thinking, it’s more like if I can sneak in a colony ship behind them and a small fleet then I can take over a planet in their backyard,” Keeling said. “Those techniques work; AI’s don’t understand them, but people do, so it’s a kind of trick you can play on the AI.”

The reason why you see no true successor to MOO1 and MOO2 is because no one knows how to program the AI to deal with actual space systems. They use space lanes because they lack the talent.



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