Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 29, 2016

Galaxy 3DS XL has to have been for a Federation Force promo


The galaxy style is very similar with the blues. Clearly, Nintendo marketing originally was going to push the 3DS Galaxy as a Federation Force bundled deal or event. They probably removed the Federation Force logos when it became clear that no one wants Federation Force.

It just shows how arrogant Nintendo can be if they ignored all the backlash to Federation Force to go ahead and make a 3DS for the game. A wise head in the marketing was able to turn this 3DS into ‘Galaxy class’ instead of Federation Force.

Above: This is MY idea of ‘Galaxy class’!

Above: Look! Star Trek even did a ‘Federation Force’ type video game! By then, we knew Star Trek was dead. Same with Metroid. Nothing is new under the sun.



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