Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 30, 2016

Does Warcraft 3 still hold up?

You can buy the game and expansion at Battle Net shop for $20. Is it worth it?

The single player for Warcraft 3 Main Game is very fun and holds up very well. The story is nicely done. The game is consistently entertaining.

The Frozen Throne is a different story. While the single player missions are more complicated, they drag a ton. The story is nowhere near as interesting. Back when Frozen Throne came out, everyone said ‘they are just setting it up for World of Warcraft’ which ended up being true. Frozen Throne isn’t as much fun as Reign of Chaos for the same reasons why Starcraft 2 isn’t as fun as Starcraft 1. RTS is about factions battling factions. Frozen Throne switches it to Character versus Character. Reign of Chaos is about Human vs. Undead vs. Orc vs. Night Elf. From Throne is Maiev vs. Illidan vs. Kael’thas vs. Garithos vs. Dreadlords vs. Slyvanas vs. Arthas.

I played through it all without cheats. Frozen Throne is decisively less fun and more of a slug. The final mission of Frozen Throne is extremely annoying.

Is it still worth it? Yeah. $20 for 40 hours of single player missions is worth it plus the custom maps.

It is curious trying to sell Warcraft 3 to a young person today. “You like mobas, right?” “Yeah.” “Warcraft 3 is like a moba where you make your own army!” “Whoa.”



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