Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 30, 2016

Is Civilization 6 worth it?


I’m not feeling it.

I LOVED Civ 1. I LOVED Civ 2. I kinda LOVED Civ 3. From then on, I couldn’t really get into Civ 4. Civ 5 just lost me. And Civ 6 seems like a different game.

I have many different opposing design choices than the Civ guy shave done. Hexagons? No. “Only one unit in hexagon to avoid kill stacks.” What’s wrong with kill stacks?

I like BIG EMPIRE with epic wars. I like the ‘rampant growth’ stage at the beginning of the game. I like dodging wars in order to build up my cities, make sure roads and railroads interconnect them, so when war does inevitably come that I hit back as a HAMMER.

Why does Civ 6 remind me of Clash of Clans? Is Civilization series facing Idiocracy? Civ 5 seemed so easy. Perhaps I need to try again to get into Civ 4. Most of the time, I prefer Alpha Centauri.



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